Chiropractic Testimonials

"I first came to Dr. Jay in high school when my pediatrician thought I might have minor scoliosis. Six months later my doctor thought either he erred in his report or I grew into a straight spine. My family and I have been going to Dr. Jay ever since. There have been instances when my left leg felt tight and sore. I would receive an adjustment and the next morning wake up with all of that tightness alleviated. I spent a year traveling the country only to return with my pelvic joint locked to one side. Two weeks and a few adjustments later that problem was indefinitely solved. I have learned that spinal alignment is a key step toward sustainable physical health, and Dr. Jay has provided me with both quicker and easier than I could have imagined over the past 10 years."

- J.O.

"Dr. Yuhas has changed my life with his gift of healing through chiropractic care. He sees me as a whole person and listens compassionately to any health problems that I may be having and adapts his adjustments with those things in mind. I have found that my ideal chiropractic care involves 2 visits a week. I feel rejuvenated after an adjustment. My posture is improved, I breathe better, I feel transformed. Dr. Yuhas is an excellent doctor. He also treats my spouse and daughter. They, too, feel he is an excellent doctor and healer."

- H.R.

"This past year was a rough one for me. I was under extreme pressure at my job. In the fall the stock market started to crash due to the mortgage crisis. Heck, even my vacations were stressful ( I went to Colombia for a friend's wedding). While all these events were happening in my life, I was doing all the wrong things. Not getting proper sleep. Drinking too much beer and coffee ( and not enough water ). Neglecting to exercise. And constantly worrying about all these events.

All these bad habits caught up with me around the holidays. After coming home from a Christmas party, where a had a few drinks, I woke up later that night, and to my horror, my heart felt like it was going to pop out of my chest! So I took an aspirin and finally went back to sleep. Woke up the next day, still had the palpitations...then the next day, and the day after that...the palpitations were pretty much constant and wouldn't go away!!!! I wasn't able to sleep hardly at all! I went to the ER, where they did a series of blood work and tests, which came out negative. I was told it was stress and dehydration and was sent on my way... except the palpitations still persisted.

I then went to a cardiologist and got a full cardiac workup. All tests were negative, so I was put on a low-dose beta-blocker ( 25 mg Toporol XL ) to calm the palpitations. Problem was, it made me feel WORSE !!!! After nearly two weeks, I went back to the cardiologist and told them how I felt. I was then told it was anxiety and "all in my head" and was brushed out of the office.

Later that day I was thinking....what haven't I tried yet? Then it dawned on me.....I haven't gone to see Dr. Jay! So I immediately drove over to Dr. Jay's office and got an adjustment. I began to notice the palpitations were a little quieter right after that, and later that night I decided to stop taking that beta-blocker and rely on my body's ability to heal.

After a few short weeks, I'm starting to feel like my old self again. Palpitations just about gone. I'm taking better care of myself by getting better rest, drinking more water, exercising, and seeing Dr. Jay on a more regular basis. Never again will I ignore chiropractic care. I will treat it as a vital part of my health regimen from now on."

- Mike

"What has going to a Chiropractor meant to me? It has meant that I am now able to walk without canes or being confined to a wheelchair. I can walk three or four miles a day. I can stand long periods at a time without taking pain pills.

My life was not always so good. In fact, two years ago my health condition was rapidly deteriorating. My legs had started to give out on me, and I experienced several falls at work. Then on February 2, 1999, I collapsed at my job as a deli clerk. From then on my health rapidly spiraled downhill. Initially, my doctor said that the problem was with my sciatic nerve and that it would go away by itself. He gave me 25,000 milligrams of pain pills, but they didn't help. In fact, they did nothing for me but turn me into a drug addict.

After several months of pain, I went to an ortho surgeon. He examined me and wanted to remove my leg. He said that the only way to free me of pain was to free me of my leg! I said no, and he gave me more pain pills. Pain pills were costing me $8000 a month by then, but still, they brought me no real relief. So I told the surgeon I had decided to go to a Chiropractor. He said I was nuts and losing my mind.

But it was the best thing I could have done!

From my very first Chiropractic adjustment, I had major improvements. I had to be helped onto the table that first time, but I got off the table on my own. Since that day, my health has continued to improve.

My orthopedic doctor had said only by removing my leg would I be relieved of pain, and if I went to a Chiropractor, they would be able to do nothing for me. How wrong he was. As far as I am concerned the quality of my life and my good health was restored to me by Dr. Jay Yuhas on April 21, 1999. I have continued to improve every month since then.

If any of you are thinking about going to a Chiropractor, don't walk - run.

Thank you Dr. Yuhas for your help, it is deeply appreciated."

- J.W.

"I was literally amazed at the relief I had after 1 visit with Dr. Jay. I was suffering from lower back pain and tension at the base of my head. Thanks to Dr. Jay, I no longer have these symptoms!"

- M.C.

"Since my first adjustment with Dr. J I have felt a lot more comfortable with myself, improved my range of motion, and have been able to shoot a better game of pool. Do not put it off any longer and you would be doing your family a favor by bringing them in."

- N.T.

"I have a brighter mood and a more positive outlook. I always feel good after an adjustment. My husband and son are now both under the maintenance plan with me. I would never want to live with subluxations again!"

- K.L.

"No stiff neck. No spasms. Fewer headaches. Try it! I didn't believe in them until I went and now I feel much better!"

- M.J.F.

"I began bringing my child. She was 2 months old. She sleeps better, is more comfortable during teething, and is relieved from congestion."

- H.H.

"Medical doctors wanted to do surgery. I for one did not. Coming to see Dr. J was the best thing I did. Pain-free one year so far. Did not get any colds."

- C.D.

"One general change I noticed is breathing. This is a very important consideration as I suffer from chronic bronchitis. Also, I seem to be more nimble in my motions: this is an achievement as I am 79. For the general maintenance of your well being, I believe Chiropractic, as performed by a knowledgeable and dedicated practitioner as Dr. Yuhas, is essential."

- A.M.

"My daily performance seems better. I think my concentration and energy levels have improved. If everyone knew about Chiropractic what a better world we'd be We would all be healthier and lead more fulfilling lives!"

- H.H.



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